Nike ISPA Drifter split


Sleeper sneaker, or just not for you?

The nitty-gritty:
– Split-toe socks included.
– Fastening system.
– Lightweight foam.
– Deconstructed upper.
Price tag of a premium Jordan?

The ISPA Drifter split sneaker definitely catches the eye off first glance. The split-toe design may be a blessing for anyone whom ever felt that when they’re fast on-the-move, normal sneakers sort of slips in the toe area. Usually, this leads to blisters or discomfort.

The Nike ISPA Drifter split is classified as workwear. In a job where you are packing or assisting customers in quick succession; these sneakers may provide a comfortable experience, full of grip and confidence in your next step.

The Nike ISPA Drifter “Iron Grey” and “Spruce Aura” comes in at a  steep price tag of $200, but investing in yourself, (if you find yourself on your feet a lot), can make your day easier.  Pay now, thank yourself later.
The shoe is arguably pretty (head-turning), sturdy and durable; making for a potentially must-have purchase of 2020.

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Model: ISPA Drifter split.
Category: men’s workwear.
History: Taking inspiration from the tabi shoe.
Color: Spruce (Black/Iron Grey-Smokey Mauve) / Iron Grey (Grey Fog/Black-Olive).
Material: High-quality Nylon upper.
hype: ✮✮✮✮ .
Pro’s: Very unique design. Split-toe assists with grip, think of this split-toe sneaker as a glove, where-as a normal shoe is more like a mitten.
Cons: Split-toe design may prove to be uncomfortable if worn all day.
Fit: True to size, split-toe may affect people with small/big toes.

Release date: 1 September 2020


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